One man’s puke is another man’s passion.

James Mendrinos, in “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Comedy Writing,” says,”You need to find what makes someone laugh by first finding what makes you laugh.” So, if gross makes you laugh, maybe that’s the genre where you should focus your talent. Continue Reading →

Could you make it as a comedy screenwriter?

Even if you can’t sell your concept, you might end up with a routine another comic would buy from you or even a book deal. Wishful thinking? Sure, but good things happen to people with skills and talent who work hard. Continue Reading →

Find Your Funny Comedy & Humor Voice

Personally, I think you can be a success without making a dime as long as measuring success by income is not your only criteria. Maybe your goal is just to make others laugh as you spice up Continue Reading →

How to make people smile

Remember when you were a kid and said, “Let’s make believe”? Well it still works.Most raconteurs don’t tell it like it really is. They tell it like it could be, or how they’d like it to be. And so can you. Continue Reading →

Topical Humor Can Be Your Little Helper When Your Muse Takes a Hike

But don’t beat yourself up. When your ideas are less than brilliant, tickle your keyboard with anything topical that comes to mind. Usually, that will spark something. And that little spark can lead to a piece. Continue Reading →

When you write funny, your audience needs a clue

Many writing coaches says, “Write about what you know.” So? Are you up on what’s going on in the world or the bedroom? A great deal of humor (some say about 25%) is about sex. So if you don’t know a lot about the subject, brush up on it. Or go watch the news. Continue Reading →

A How-to Article Can Be An Effective Vehicle for Humor

Please read and share this little “How-to” item with your ornery friends. And please let me know if I earned a smile. Continue Reading →

Funny Comedy & Humor Should Have A Beginning, Middle and End

My favorite writer’s site is www.writing com. It a great place to flex your writing muscles and get feedback from other writers. It’s also a great place to enjoy the writing of others and to learn from published reviews that point out mechanical and grammatical errors, discuss the reader’s overall impression, and offer suggestions for improvement. Continue Reading →

Try some longer pieces to flex your funny muscles

With longer pieces you have more time to develop your characters, try different approaches, and flesh out your story line. Continue Reading →

Try seasonal material to help you write funny comedy & humor

Seasonal humor isn’t just about spring, summer, fall and winter. It’s also about the many events and holidays that fall within each season. Continue Reading →